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We always prioritized our service part more than our sales part. Because We believe that only “professional service” is the key way to develop a great brand value in this competitive market. We have skilled Service manager & service adviser for maintaining the professional customer relationship. 


Motorcycle servicing is always a challenging part for dealers. Problems are critical in a sense that for the same problem, technicians has to execute different operations. Here we define problems in 2 ways: i) General Problems. ii) Critical Problems.


General Problems are quite easy to fix. Such as Mileage issue, Acceleration issue, Chain issue,Electrical issue etc. These issue takes less time to fix and all of our technicians are pro in this segment. 


Honda Life Service Pit

Honda Life has highly skilled professionals to fix the customer’s critical Problems. All of them are trained by Japanese Automobile engineers at Honda Factory, situated at Gazaria, Munshiganj. Our technicians are highly dedicated towards the customer’s issue. 


Patience is important while fixing the critical issues. We have trained our technicians to be patient in a consistent way. 

None but only at Honda Life you can expect for the replacement of non-warranty parts of your motorcycle.