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Honda X Blade user review

Honda X Blade user review by Alauddin

Here is another Honda X Blade User review. Hope this content will help people who are planning to buy a 160cc Motorcycle.

Honda is the name of a popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. For a long time, I have seen and heard that Honda is a well-known motorcycle brand in the Bangladeshi market. Consumers have a lot of confidence in their products for being reliable and being good. Honda has gained a lot of popularity in the Bangladeshi market because of its good build quality, good quality engine, and so on. One of my favorite brands is Honda and I sincerely believe that buying a Honda bike will never disappoint me.

Recently I have seen that Honda has brought some nice bikes to the market in Bangladesh. I like their Honda Hornet and Honda Xblade from these bikes. These two bikes were at the top of my choice list. When I went for buying a bike, I love the Xblade’s look from the Honda Hornet. I especially like the Xblade meter console. As a result, I decided to buy this bike. Recently I bought and ride about 1500 km. From my point of view, today I will share with you all the aspects of Honda Xblade that have seemed good and which should be improved.

Honda X Blade Price in BD is = 172,900/-

So Here is my Honda X Blade’s User Review:

Let Me Begin With The Good Sides of Honda Xblade:

–I think in this segment its look is really pleasing. The front Robo face headlamp and every aspect are so well designed that it is able to attract anyone in this present era.
–Riding is very comfortable. I feel very comfortable riding in the city and on the highway as well.
–The engine is very powerful. From this 160 CC engine, I get lower acceleration at the beginning but at the end, I get very good acceleration that I must say.
–If I have to talk about the price end, I think the Honda Xblade has the best value for money. In this budget, I would say that Honda XBlade is a very wonderful bike.

The Bad Sides of X blade:

The front tire size does not match the body shape of this bike. The size of the front tire needs to be a bit thicker.

In the city, I am getting mileage of 42 KM/L and on the highway, I have got 48 KM/L. In my opinion, this bike’s mileage is good enough.

This is my Honda X Blade User Review. Hope this will help you make the right decision for the people who are planning to buy this bike.

This content is taken from Motorcycle Valley; a reputed motorcycle blog.

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  1. Thanks a lot dear. I was planing to buy an xblade but was too much confused about the bike. But this content has made me clear about the good & bad sides of the bike & I think it will help me a lot to take the right decision. Thanks again. Keep writing.

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